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Title: Snake Dork Nest Maze

Short description: From fun snake crawling to amazing snake mazes, start an unforgettable journey🐍


Get ready for an incredible arcade snake io game that will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment! Join the lovely snakes in their maze adventures, help them eat their food and avoid other harmful snakes around you! <b>Snake Dork Nest</b> is a classic snake crawl game and <b>snake io</b> that can be played by both children and adults.



Snake Dork Nest is a snake pass game that features colorful and cool snake characters, upbeat colors, dazzling graphics, smooth user interface and intuitive touch screen controls. Plus, everything is combined with a great soundtrack that can engage any player even more!


🐍 <b>FUN GAMEPLAY</b>🎮

This classic snake io game has a simple objective. All you have to do is control your snake with your fingertips, crawl left or right in order to eat luminous food or dying opponents in order to grow big. Don’t forget to avoid other snakes, because if you touch them with your head, you will explode and lose the game. But if they run into you, they will explode and you’ll be able to eat their remains and move on.


It's possible to cross ways with other snakes without losing the game. Just focus on the luminous dots along the way, slide left or right to eat more dots, and crawl with the body through them. But even if you lose the game, don’t worry - you can press restart and play all over again.


🐍<b>2 GAME MODES</b> 🎮


When you start this snake game, you will be presented with 2 different game modes: Endless Mode and Time Mode. Choose the one you like, read the rules, pick your snake’s skin and tap play! There are various types of awesome snakes, you can buy new ones from the game’s shop, etc.



✅  Wonderful graphics and neat UI

✅  Intuitive touch screen controls

✅  Fun snake in game play

✅ Strategic slither

✅  2 game modes: Endless and Time Mode

✅  Multiple snake skins to choose from

✅ FREE to play


Play Snake Dork Nest, eat as many luminous dots without getting hurt and become the biggest snake in the world!

Get this snake game for FREE and invite your friends to join you!


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